Certified Living Inspections,LLC began over 5 years ago as an answer to a hole that Owner and CEO, John Fendley, saw in the process of buying investment properties. Rehabbing homes was becoming a more popular option for many people. John was seeing that some first time investors were getting in over their heads by not seeing the house for what it was, but only for what it could be.

That is when he created our own reporting format combining the benefits of a contractor and a home inspector and giving the client an unbiased view of the potential rehab project. Business grew inside Atlanta along with the housing market and eventually other cities caught wind of what we were offering. We are currently servicing 21 cities and the District of Columbia.

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John Fendley
Owner and CEO

John is an experienced inspector of over 20 years. He has experience in traditional inspections as well as being a certified 203(k) consultant. Previously he has worked for one of the national 203(k) trainers, as well as having completed many new construction and renovation projects.

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We have developed relationships with inspectors around the country that utilize our services & reports to provide you with a quality investment inspections.


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